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What sets EHP Apart?

People may be lead into thinking that a sack holder is just a sack holder but at Environmental Hygiene Products we are constantly pro-active in our efforts to offer the newest technologies whilst working to meet our customer’s needs:

  • Instead of ordering a sack holder from a website that will have set options, EHP offer our customers the opportunity to customise their sack holders to meet individual requirements.
  • Our bins have been fitted with plastic feet to reduce contact with the ground and therefore eliminating the threat of rust.
  • The bins are designed to protrude further at the bottom to prevent damage to the walls when the lid is opened. This can save the company thousands of pounds as well as cutting the risk of infection due to bacteria multiplying through contact with the damaged plasterboard.
  • Our on-going links with the NHS allow us to develop products with hospitals to cater for specific needs.

Product Innovation

Environmental Hygiene Products prides itself on being an innovative supplier that will work with its customers to ensure that they have the correct product for the correct application in the correct place. Over the years, the company has been at the forefront of medical waste, (Clinical waste & Domestic waste) and garbage bin development. Some of our innovations have included:

  • Disabled User Adaptation (developed with assistance from Paralympics Gold Medal Winner Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson)
  • Silent closing
  • Front Opening (developed with The Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland)
  • Rounded corners throughout
  • Bespoke Operating Theatre bins (developed with the Royal Liverpool Hospital, England)

Established supplier to the NHS

The NHS provides a full range of free healthcare at point of need to the UK’s 60m citizens and in terms of staffing is one of the five largest employers in the world.

The company has supplied clinical waste bins and sackholders to the NHS throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales since its inception and currently holds Government approval to supply the National Health Service via NHS Supply Chain, the NHS Business Authority’s supply and logistics arm. (Framework agreement number CM/COC/07/4887/01). The company has held this status since 1998.

Private Healthcare Worldwide

Environmental Hygiene Products provides products to the leading suppliers of Private Healthcare in the UK, Ireland, Greece, Nigeria and the Middle East. The company’s products, developed to meet the exacting standards set by the UK Government’s National Health Service (NHS), are recognised throughout the world as the leading sackholders for healthcare premises.

Waste Management & HTM 07-01

In terms of waste segregation, Environmental Hygiene Products was the first company to introduce the full range of colour coding required by HTM 07-01 and completed the first full replacement programme within an NHS Acute Trust. Our product specialists can advise on what bins are required for what purpose and can also carry out NHS accredited Healthcare Waste Audits. Furthermore we work with the approved suppliers of waste sacks to ensure that the sacks supplied to Trusts match the bins in terms of size and ease of installation and emptying.

Sackholders & Clinical Waste Bins

Our sackholders range from 20 to 90 litre sizes and are available in solid body, removable body and the popular front opening design. The solid body, removable body and front opening sackholders are fire retardant and a silent closing device is offered as an optional extra. Our Clinical Waste Bins and Sackholders are available in various colours and colour combinations with the HTM 07-01 Colours part of the standard range. These are available here: Clinical Waste Bins Colour Coding Guide HTM 07-01 We also supply Nappy Bins and Sanitary Bins.

Infection Control

All the waste bins supplied to healthcare premises are finished in easy clean powder coating over galvanised steel (to prevent rusting). The sack holders have been developed with a hands free system which means that they can only be opened using a foot pedal thus eliminating the need to touch the bin by hand when disposing of rubbish. Furthermore, the design of the sack holders ensures that there is no damage to walls or floors when the bin is in use and the optional silent closing system ensures that there is reduced aero soling of any bacteria from waste within the bin when a lid closes. The Front Opening design allows easy access for cleaning and the removable body models dismantle completely for cleaning. Environmental Hygiene Products recommends a light cream cleaner with a damp cloth for daily cleaning and Osprey Deepclean products for regular steam cleaning.

Fire Retardant Sackholders & Clinical Waste Bins

Environmental Hygiene Products’s products meet all the relevant standards for healthcare waste management in the UK. For fire retardancy, the company’s products meet Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 05-03 Part A which states that General Principles – Clause 3.1.2 – Waste should be stored in secure receptacles such as imperforate non-flammable or metallic bins, with well-fitting lids.

You can download our certification from Warrington Fire, the UK’s leading Fire Testing House here : Fire test cert HTM05-03 A 1 AND Fire test cert HTM05-03 A 2

Recycling Bins

Furthermore the sackholders meet the recycling criteria also laid out in HTM 05-03-Part A:
An efficient procedure should be established for the collection and disposal, or recycling, of combustible waste. The company’s exclusive range of NHS Approved Fire Retardant recycling bins can be supplied and labelled to meet the requirements of each Trust.

Bins for Disabled Users

Environmental Hygiene Products provides the only hands free clinical waste bins that meets Infection Control requirements in the UK but still allows a pedal bin to be opened by a wheelchair user noopener noreferrer TGT article.

The Patient Environmental & Health and Safety

All Environmental Hygiene Products’s bins are available with a silent closing option. One of the most frequent complaints from hospital in patients is noise at night leaving them unable to sleep – this, of course, can increase recovery times and ultimately lead to bed blocking. The silent closing system allows the bins to be operated in a quiet manner, meaning that in basic terms, the lids don’t slam down.

Another feature available is the front opening option which allows heavy bags of rubbish to be emptied without having to lift them up and out of the bin and furthermore, the bins are fitted with wheels that are designed to be used to wheel heavy bins away but still allow it to be stationary when in normal use.

All the company’s products feature rounded corners which mean that in the event of someone bumping into them, they don’t come into contact a sharp edge therefore minimising the risk of injury.

Sackholders & Clinical Waste Bin Labelling

The company can offer a variety of labelling options, including bespoke labelling with NHS Trust logos and colours if required – please Contact Us for details.

Project Logistics

Environmental Hygiene Products has developed an expertise in dealing with large refurbishment or new build hospital projects with just in time delivery and ward level logistical labelling. For a number of years, the company has worked with both Trust led and PFI/PPP led developers and their intermediaries where appropriate. Examples include Bovis Lend Lease and NHS Grampian.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Environmental Hygiene Products holds certificates and meets the requirements for both ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and ISO 14001 Quality Management Standards. Both certificates can be down loaded from the Catalogues & Downloads page.

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