• Why would I consider purchasing a sackholder bin manufactured by EHPL?
    Surely all sackholders are the same – just a metal box to hold a sack.
    Not quite. Look closely at an EHPL sackholder bin.
    Rounded lid – our rounded corners are designed to prevent damage or injury as opposed to square corners.
    Under the lid – A large lid bracket for the push rod is held in place by 4 to 5 welds to ensure that the lid never falls apart.
    Fold away handle – making it easy to transport the sackholder around.
    Easy clean body
    Pedal – designed for quick opening from almost any angle.
    Silent closing option – perfect for areas where noise needs to be kept to a minimum as well as reducing the return of germs and odours to the environment.
    BioCote© option – using silver antimicrobial technology, our sackholders can reduce the risk of antibiotic resistant bacteria, such as MRSA and other Healthcare Acquired Infections.
  • What antibacterial properties do your products have?
    As mentioned above, we offer the option of the scientifically developed BioCote© on all our sackholders, cutting down the risk of Healthcare Acquired Infections and cross contamination.
  • I want a price; tell me how to go about this now?
    Call us for a quote on +44 0121 7724491 or use our Enquiry Form here.
  • What funding options are available?
    Other than outright purchase, we have introduced a leasing facility ideal for spreading the cost.
    Call us on +44 0121 7724491 or use our Enquiry Form here.
  • How much warranty will I get with your products?
    All of our premium range sackholders come with a comprehensive 2 year for peace of mind.
  • Why does you pedal seem to come further out at the front than other manufacturers?
    This is designed to accommodate all persons, no matter their shoe size. Press down on the pedal at any angle and it will always work! Useful in emergencies.
  • Why do your bins have little plastic feet?
    This provides for full ventilation under the sackholder as well as preventing marking on the floors. Other sackholders are susceptible to rusting due to a larger contact area with the floor.
  • Why do the wheels sit so far out at the back?
    After years of extensive hospital ward trials, this has been proven to prevent wall damage caused by the lid of the sackholder scratching the surface of the wall and causing extensive damage.
  • Are you an approved supplier to the NHS?
  • Are you sackholders fire retardancy tested?
    Yes, our sackholders have undergone extensive fire safety tests and have proved to be more than capable of withstanding rigorous fire punishment. The products have been fully approved under Health Technical Memorandum 93(1994) Fire Safety in Healthcare Premises – General Fire precautions section 3.12.
  • What sizes are available?
    Our sackholder bins are available from 20ltr, 50ltr, 70ltr and 90ltr capacities (depending on product model). They have been designed to fit NHS plastic sacks. If you are unsure which would suit your requirements, then please contact us.
  • Noise is a problem? How do we keep it to a minimum?
    We can fit our specially designed silent closing device at the rear of the sackholder bin, which will enable the lid to close quietly.
  • We need colour coding for different types of waste. What colour options are available?
    No problem. We will paint according to your requirements. Our standard colours are white, yellow, black, or orange. If you wish a different colour to suit your requirements, or have any other query, then contact us to discuss.

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