Hospital Infection Control & Hospital Waste Management; Waste Station Bins & Sack Holders

NHS Approved Domestic, Offensive & Clinical Waste Stations

This range has been developed to help meet the needs of companies in both the public and private sector that have an interest in infection control and waste management. Hospitals that are keen to implement the requirements of HTM 07-01, the Dept. of Health’s guide to the safe management of healthcare waste. HTM 07-01 has brought in more colours to the now widely adopted colour coding scheme creating a requirement for more bins.

To assist with this we have developed two Ward Waste Station products, an all-new Mobile Waste Station and to help with carbon foot printing issues, the EHP Recycling Waste Station. The Ward Waste Station is available in different configurations to meet the NHS Trusts requirements. The ‘along the wall’ configuration has been design so that as many or few receptacles for each stream can be added. This spaced saving design helps meet the needs of HTM 07-01 without taking up precious floor area in healthcare establishments.

The ‘along the wall’ Ward Waste Station is made up of individual bag holders for each waste stream. These can be made to accept the NHS standard 20, 50 and 70 Litre bags and can include space for up to six different waste streams. The central Ward Waste Station can be up to a ‘six in a block design’ allowing easy access to each of the bad holders from any angle. It is expected that this will be seen primarily as a central waste collection point for a ward or clinic.

To further meet the requirements of the HTM 07-01, the bags are not allowed to touch each other so unlike some other products on the market, each of our bag holders is a fully enclosed receptacle in its own right and doesn’t share one base or one lid with the others. This helps with hospital infection control along with dealing with hospital waste management.

The sack holders used to create these Waste Stations can be found on this page:

Recycling Waste Station

The company is also introducing its commercial recycling waste stations. These have been used in commercial, factory and hospital areas. In the NHS these can meet its recycling obligations which of course helps with reducing a Trust’s carbon footprint. The recycling stations are designed to take clear bags that show the user what rubbish goes in what bag but at the same time keeping the bags apart. As part of the reinforcement of HTM 07-01, EHP also provides a full labelling service for both its waste stations and single bins. The company can provide labels for each waste stream for fitting to the bins or stations and can also supply ‘picture only’ labels when needed

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