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Hospital Infection Control Designed Sack Holders

Infection control within Healthcare Environments has become a priority over recent years with the rise of superbugs like MRSA. Due to years of providing sack holders to the NHS and a close working relationship with our customers EHP designs its products around the feedback given. Both hospital infection control and hospital “waste management” demands have shaped how our sack holders look and work today. Our two main healthcare ranges (Premium Metal & Ultimate Plastic) have specially designed features to help prevent the spread of infection in this type of environment with hospital infection control at the heart of our sack holders design. Features such as:

  • Off the wall design

    All EHP sack holders are designed to stay clear of the wall, preventing damage and aiding hospital infection control. Damaged sections of walls are extremely hard to clean and can harbour bacteria. Also the cost of repair can run into tens of thousands. Often inferior products cost less in the short term but cost more due to bad design. At one conference an EHPL representative was told of over £10,000 costs in repairing a wall in a new build hospital which had used inferior sack holders. Our sack holders are designed to use the base and non-marking wheels to keep the rest of the bin clear of the wall.

  • Easi-clean design

    Our sack holders have been designed around being easy to clean and have few areas where dirty can gather. The new Ultimate EVO bin is a perfect example. Internally it is completely sealed so cannot leak but there are no lips where infection and dirt can hide.

  • Silent Closing Option

    This option reduces the speed that the lid closes making the operation of the bin quieter which is often a requirement in Healthcare areas. However it also reduces any displacement of particles from the bin into the air and surrounding environment helping hospital infection control. The Ultimate Sack Holder range has silent closing units as standard with them optional on the Premium Metal range.

  • Anti-Microbial Paint Option

    This option helps hospital infection control as it adds an anti-bacterial element to the paint within our products which helps prevent the spread of bacteria. This is available on our Premium Metal Sack Holder range.

  • Hands Free Lids

    These are designed to sit inside the frame at the top of the sackholder which stops anyone touching or opening the lid by hand. This is an infection control method and leaves the unit only operable by the foot pedal. All EHP Sack Holders have foot pedals as standard. Hands Free lids are standard on all of the Ultimate Plastic Sack Holders and available in all styles and sizes in the Premium Metal Range.

  • Designed to sit around the outside of the top of the sackholder and hold the bag in place. EHP bungees are specially designed to be easily cleaned due to a special sheathing (containing polyester, nylon & multifilament polypropylene). This aids hospital infection control and makes them extremely hard wearing

  • EHPL Sack Holders & Hospital Infection Control at Europe’s Largest Hospital Site

    NHS Grampian moved to Open Frame silent closing sack holders to improve infection control and implemented a colour coded waste management scheme to save money. Read more on the article on Aberdeen Royal Infirmary: “EHPL Sack Holders & Hospital Infection Control at Europe’s Largest Hospital Site”

    The Department of Health have issued a Safe Management of Healthcare document which is an update from the old Health Technical Memorandum 07-01.

    The full Document can be downloaded from here: “Safe management of healthcare waste 2.0 (formerly Health Technical Memorandum HTM 07-01)”

    More on hospital waste management and colour coded sack holders in the NHS can be found on our “Colour Coding, Waste Management & HTM 07-01”

  • Hospital Infection Control Designed Ranges

    Premium Metal Sack Holder Range
    2 Year Warranty
    Premium specification
    Hospital Infection Control Design
    Hands Free Lids Available
    Silent Closing & Anti-micorbial paint options

  • Ulimate Plastic Sack Holder Range

    5 Year Warranty
    Leak proof & Rust Free
    Hospital Infection Control Design
    Hands Free Silent Closing Lids as Standard
    Easi-Clean body & base design

  • All of these sack holders are available with colour coded lids to enable them to be a part of a Hospital Waste Management scheme. More details on this and the UK’s Waste bin and Sackholder Colour Coding Guide can be found here:

    If you are interested in our sack holders and require further information or a please “contact us”

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