Lid Changing

At EHPL our Sack Holders and Clinical Waste Bins are designed specifically so the Lids can be replaced if required. This is hugely beneficial especially with changing legislation regarding Waste Management.

If in the future the bins usage or your waste steam colour coding changes rather than the potentially huge cost of replacing all the sackholders only the lids need to be replaced. It’s for this reason we recommend if you do order EHPL sackholders that you order White bodies.

This option is available on both out Premium Metal and Ultimate Plastic ranges. We can either supply only or supply and fit the lids depending on your own requirements.

Lid Changing – Clinical Waste Bins & Sack Holders at the Royal Free

At the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust around £125,000 was saving by using the Lid Changing option.

Facilities director Jeremy Sharp added: “It pays for itself, meets the green agenda and cuts landfill costs. There’s been lots of positive response from staff – there’s a real desire to meet the sustainability agenda and working with EHP enabled the project to move forward quickly.”Outlining the changeover Dave Reavy said: “We spoke to EHP about what could have been a large order for new bins but they turned it down.

They told us that we only needed to change the lids. Until they told us we didn’t realise we could. From what could have been a £200,000 spend we moved to around £70,000 for the whole project – about £50,000 with EHP and the rest in back of house services. EHP’s costs covered the replacement lids and some smaller bins so that we could increase the capacity on site and implement the recycling. “When we told EHP how many lids we needed, they said we could do it more intelligently – we can stagger it and phase it in over three to four weeks, with a phased delivery too.

When it came to the eight-day implementation programme – more than just the tools for the job – it provided the services of Gary Mitchell a skilled operative who trained the Royal Free’s teams and worked alongside them throughout the project. “Without the expert training and help it would have taken much longer – he knew exactly what was to be done,” explained Dave Reavy. “We planned out the whole trust. Clinics were done out of hours and wards outside of protected meal times.”

The lid changeover programme was upervised by facilities assistant Sumal Karunaratne “It was fantastic to have Gary Mitchell from EHP there, he was a great help.” Gary and Sumal worked on the lid changeover 12 hours a day for the eight days of the rolling programme, with other members of the facilities team assisting as required. In all, 1656 lids were changed and 400 new bins supplied.

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