Mental Health Adaption’s

Clinical Waste Bins & Sack Holders Adapted for Mental Health Areas

The EHPL Mental Health Adaptions can be made to clinical & domestic waste bins in both the EHPL Premium Metal and Ultimate Plastic ranges.

The following changes are optional and are often down to the specification or requirements of the Customers:

• Bungee removed – this is to ensure that ligature issues do not occur. As the bins are designed to fit the NHS Supply Chain approved bag supplier, the bungee is not needed to hold the bags.

• All rubber end tips removed – these are essentially cosmetic finishes to the standard bin to cover rod ends. The removal does not affect the usage of the bin and does away with any issues whereby they could be removed by patients for other use.

• Double star locking. The bin assembly is finished with the use of star lock fasteners – the removal of the rubber end tips means that all fastening points can be double star locked. This method of assembly means that the dismantle bin parts, special tools are required.


Normal wall fixings mean that bins cannot be moved for cleaning underneath, leading to potential infection control issues. The Environmental Hygiene Products wall fixing allows the bin to be secured to the wall but with enough movement for cleaning (but not enough to lift the bin to use as a weapon for example).

Some of our recent customers for these adaptations have included:

Avon & Wilts Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust
Camden & Islington Mental Health
Humber Mental Health (Teaching) NHS Trust
Isle of Man Prison
Manchester Mental Health & Social Care NHS Trust
North East London Mental Health Trust
States of Jersey health & Social Care Services
West London Mental Health Trust.

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