Product F.A.Q’s

  • Why would you consider purchasing a sackholder bin manufactured by Environmental Hygiene Products? Surely all sackholder bins are the same – just a Box to hold a plastic bag?

    Not quite, as an ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 registered manufacturer, we aim to provide the best quality, fit for purpose product available. Please look closely at the EHP sackholder bin and compare it with others.

    Starting at the top of a Premium Range Bin and working down:

    a) Lid – Rounded corners designed to prevent damage or injury as opposed to square corners.
    b) Look under the lid – a large bracket is provided for a push rod which is held in place by 4 or 5 welds to give additional strength.
    c) A fold away handle is provided to transport the sackholder.
    d) An easy clean body – available in antimicrobial coating if required.
    e) An ‘easy – on’ bag retention strap
    f) A safety lock on our front opening model
    g) Now try the pedal. You should find you need to apply very low pressure to open the lid.

  • Why does your pedal seem to come further out at the front than other manufacturers?
    This is designed to be operated from all angles and with minimal effort. Some users have found this to be useful in emergencies as the bin can be opened from either side as well as the front.
  • Why do your bins have little plastic feet?
    These are to prevent floors being marked by the metal base and also help stop any rusting. The base is also elevated from the floor to ensure that no build up of stagnant air takes place under the bin.
  • Why do your wheels sit so far out at back of the sackholder?
    The wheels sit proud by approximately 3cm so that they are the only part of the bin that touches the wall. This means that no metal parts should touch or damage the wall behind the bin.
  • Are your sackholders fire retardant?
    All our sackholders, apart from the basic frame type open design, are designed and tested to UK Government fire retardancy standards.
  • I am not sure about the size of the sackholder I require.
    Our bins are designed to fit most standard sizes of plastic sacks – they are available in 20L, 50L, 70L & 90L sizes.
  • Noise is a problem. We need to keep it to a minimum.
    We fit a special silent closing device at the rear of the bin which enables the lid to close quietly thus improving the patient environment. It also helps prevent potential aerosoling of bacteria contained within the bin sack.
  • We need colour coding for the different types of waste i.e. clinical waste and domestic waste.
    As we manufacture at our own facility, we can powder coat according to your requirements. Our standard colours are white, yellow, black, blue, green, red and beige although any others can be provided by special order.
  • What do all the different labels mean?
    We provide standard labelling explaining the hands free operation and fire retardancy aspects of the product. At the point of manufacture, we can supply and affix any other labelling you require.

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