EHPL offer more than just the UK’s leading range of Clinical Waste Bins & Sack Holders. Some examples of this:

Lid Changing

At EHPL some of our Sack Holders and Clinical Waste Bins are designed specifically so the Lids can be replaced if required. This is hugely beneficial especially with changing legislation regarding Waste Management meaning only Lids rather than Bins may need replaced with any future changes.

Bin Audits

As part of the services we offer at EHPL we offer the service of a Bin Audit. This is where one of our highly skilled Sales Executives or Engineers can do a survey of your premises and make recommendations with regards your Sack Holders.

Site Visits & Demonstrations

EHPL have a team of Engineers and Sales Executives that are travelling around the UK most weeks of the year. If you have seen a product you are interested in and would like a demonstration or you would simply like a face to face meeting then let us know.

Warranty Services

When you purchase an Environmental Hygiene Products sack holder it comes with a Warranty that we fully support. To learn more about our Warranties or if you are looking for information on how to claim under Warranty this is the page.

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