Clinical Waste Bins & Sack Holders


When you purchase an Environmental Hygiene Products sack holder it comes with a Warranty that we fully support. Environmental Hygiene Products provides the following guarantee warranties in writing, from the date of delivery:


Low Cost Metal Range: 1 yearPremium

Metal Range: 2 yearUltimate

Plastic Range: 5 year


All items are covered by the warranty.  However, damage caused by general wear & tear, misuse, alterations, or overfilling of the bin is not covered.

Any transit damage must be reported to the manufacturer in writing within three working days of receipt of the goods. Failure to do this will render the warranty invalid.

Any adaptations to the bin by the end user may render the warranty invalid.

The use of chemical or abrasive cleaning products on the bin that remove, penetrate or otherwise damage the paint or other finishes will invalidate the warranty


Making a Warranty Claim

In the circumstances that you need to make a warranty claim we require the following information:

  • Your name, contact number/email and address

  • The Serial Number(s) from the product(s) you are claiming for
  • The location of the product(s)

  • What the warranty claim is – i.e. what the problem is.

Once you have the relevant information please either fax, post or email it to us and we will acknowledge receipt. Please be aware claims can not be processed until all of the information above is provided.


Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning Instructions for Environmental Hygiene Products waste bins
This product should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that no build up of waste materials occurs anywhere on the bin.

The preferred method of cleaning is steam cleaning, followed by wiping down where required, thereby involving no chemicals.

Environmental Hygiene Products recommends Osprey Deepclean Steam Cleaning Machines (www.ospreydc.com).
During use, the bin should not be exposed to water on an ongoing basis and should not be regularly immersed in water unless thoroughly dried afterwards in both cases.

This product must not be cleaned with abrasive or corrosive chemical cleaning agents that could remove or penetrate the paint finish, thus rendering the warranty invalid.

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