What to Order

What to order?

Here at EHPL we are experts in Clinical Waste Bins and Sack Holders with decades of experience. We have developed our products and ranges using our experience and knowledge to meet our customer’s requirements.

Clinical Waste Bin & Sack Holder Ranges

Our 3 Main clinical waste bin ranges can be broken down into the follow:

Premium Metal Range:

These are our most popular range especially with the NHS. These are metal sackholders with a 2 year warranty and are available in any colour requested although there is a range of standard colours which are included in the price.

These come in Solid Body, Removable Body, Open Frame and Front Opening.

Ultimate Plastic Range:

This is our top of the line range. These are Fire Retardant Plastic sackholders with a 5 year warranty with lids available in any colour requested although there is a range of standard colours which are included in the price. The bodies come in White.

These come in Solid Body and Front Opening styles. There is a choice of either Stainless Steel or Plastic Base. All metal components in this range are Stainless Steel.

Options Explained:

Silent Closing:

This is when our sack holders are fitted with a device that stops the lids from closing too quickly and slamming, this reduces noise and aids infection control.

Standard & Hands Free Lids:

All of our Sack Holders in our 3 main ranges are foot operated via a pedal. However with a Standard Lid you can use your hands as there is space to lift the lid using your fingers. The Hands Free lids however drop into the frame of the bin and cannot be lifted using hands so for infection control purposes are often recommended.

Body Types Explained:

Open Frame:

This type of sack holder is a basic frame with a pedal operated lid that is not fire retardant. This is a cheap and effective sack holder.

Solid Body:

The most common type of sack holder sold. A solid body pedal operated bin which leaves the bin liner fully enclosed and is usually fire retardant.

Removable Body:

This type of sack holders looks like the Solid Body and is pedal operated and fire retardant. However the body can be removed for cleaning.

Front Opening Body:

This type of pedal operated sack holder has a door on the front of the body so the bag can be removed via the front – these are available in 70 litres. These are usually fire retardant.

Colour Choice:

There are various options for Colour Coding our Sackholders with multiple options. There is a standard range of colours although with some products we can offer most colours at a price. The standard colours are designed to cover HTM 07-01 colour coding guidance for the NHS. More details can be found at our Colour Coding page


Our bins often come with standard labelling but we also have optional labelling to suit our customers needs and situation. From Recycling to Hospital Waste Management there are various requirements that we meet. We can and do have labels made to order although we keep a selection of more standard labels ex-stock which can be found here.

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